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Flipper 600ST preparing for service

The Flipper 600ST is fresh from sea trails. Being new to Australia, yet alone a club we have been busy preparing her for service. Paperwork is well underway with AMSA to have her in commercial registration. We are just finalising some touches before she heads up to Akuna Bay where she will have a fitting home.

The ST is perfect for the adventurous boater, I actually spent a night on her on the hard stand while I was waiting for the engine to see just how functional she is. Its like clamping on a boat! The aft lounge folds out into a double berth and the forward V berth has a insert that makes it a double. The 12v fridge is super functional, achieving a cool temp within 20 minutes and keeping drinks ice cold.

I can imagine finding a secluded spot somewhere up near Akuna and overnighting it on her with ease. She has a ski pole and all required creature comforts. We will continue decking her out over the next few weeks and will provide updates.


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