Membership versus Ownership


The average Australian uses their boat 15 - 20 times per year at best. Add or subtract the line items below to establish what your cost of ownership on one of the vessels we operate would be.


The following figures are conservative estimates based on a 6-meter vessel purchased brand new, such as the Flipper 600 ST available to our Club Members;


Cost to purchase a boat, outboard, trailer, equipment                      $81,000

Interest-only on loan if financed                                                                           $3,900 




Interest on $81,000 in a term deposit in lieu of outright vessel purchase    $3,240

Outboard servicing                     $1750


Dry-stack storage                       $8,160


Vessel registration                       $81


Trailer registration                       $135


Insurance                                      $1,680


Detailing                                       $900

Equipment replacement            $350

Depreciation of boat, outboard and trailer @ 5%          $4,050

Estimated Annual Cost of Ownership for a boat in Dry Rack Storage $20,246 PA

Minimum fixed cost of ownership, Self Storage $12,086 PA



One other certainty, owners will spend close to equal time on upkeep and getting their boat into the water as they will spend enjoying it!

Our Boat Club Members save time and money on:

  • Boat ramp queues

  • On-street trailer parking

  • Depreciation from outside storage

  • Detailing and cleaning

  • Taking vessel for service


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