Born in 2016 with one vessel at one location, the Compass Boat Club continues to grow. We are passionate about delivering boating experiences. All of our vessels are new to Australia. The Compass Boat Club is supported by Euronautica, the Australian distributor of Bella, Flipper, Falcon Aquador and Compass Boats.


Members are not only engaged in boating, they are engaged in product testing of vessels prior to distribution. We pride ourselves on the relationships we form with our members and are driven by delivering positive experiences for our membership base. 

We believe the membership experience should be akin to ownership. As such we are flexible in terms of the level of support required and needed dependant on a members experience. 

We are selective and we are reasonable people who are passionate about delivering great boating experiences. We need to be selective with members to ensure our vessels are treated as though they are owned by our members. This ensures long term viability of the club and keeps it affordable for our long term members. 

We continue to grow as our members boating needs mature to larger vessels whilst still keeping our founding principle of affordable boating.

We actively sound out members needs and wants in boating and accommodating these needs and wants is what drives the club.

We look forward to welcoming you to the club!


Phone 1300 246 532 | Email info@theboat.club | Sydney Harbour | Akuna Bay